George Carlin once said that life is worth losing and we agree with him to some extent. But losing money at casinos is just something we can’t let you do. So this article is a sincere try to help you out and show you that losing is not the answer when it comes to gambling.

It’s no fairy tale

Life, in reality, differs from what we expect in our dreams. It’s no surprise for experienced people but players in crypto casinos sometimes go crazy and it seems that they don’t support this simple idea. Winning a huge fortune of money is not something unusual for a gambler in a casino but it happens much less often than people may assume. One of the most essential rules of any casino is that they all work in the long run. The whole concept of the house edge is about casinos’ favor.

In this case, simple math and logic can help. During a 5 minute game, any player may win a fortune. The thing is that this winning period has to end at some point and in the long-term period players’ achievements will definitely lower down as fast as they were reached. Casinos can’t lose but you can. Knowing that leads to composure and calmness. Don’t expect to win thousands of dollars betting one. There is a very slight chance it might happen but it’s so small that it’s probably not worth waiting for.

Slot machines are bad for you

To cut a long story short, slot machines are your main enemies in the war of not losing. Their house edge is worse than anywhere else and quite often you may have no opportunity to observe it clearly. Casinos usually don’t let it. The probability of winning is what they often display nowadays. Experts claim that a common player makes 500 spins an hour. Let’s say they bet $2 per spin. It means that you work for not less than $1000 per only one hour. With the high house edge which slot machines provide your loss rises up to $200 in one hour, so this type of game is just not worth a candle. Now if we take into account a common game of blackjack the situation there is completely different. Even if you bet $4 per one game you will be able to play only 170-180 games in one hour. It means that the maximum you are going to spend is approximately $700. We are sure it’s pretty clear now that things are not so obvious from first sight. Once you are in a casino don’t consider a slot machine to be your first-choice game.

No hurry, man. It’s just a game

No rush is a very good and decent good strategy. Previously we have explained to you that the number of bets you make influences the quality of your gambling experience. So changing your gaming style from time to time and slowing down a bit could play an important role in the whole gambling session. Leave all the feelings aside and try to admit that a long-term session is definitely going to be a failure. The fewer games you play the more probable you are to win. Casinos want you to stay longer and play longer. The whole trick is the angle of vision. You agree to stay longer, but no one told you that you have to make 1000 bets in one hour. Try to switch to different games. Pay attention to table games with more people attending. The perfect amount of bets is probably 150-200 per hour. In this case, you are likely to stay in shape.

Free stuff is good and it’s a rule.

Getting comps at casinos is the way to get a little amount of lost money back. Think of it as a smart investment and don’t hesitate to get a player card which means you become a member of a players club. It can only bring you an advantage. Once you get the player card at a casino step by step you turn 0.3% of your hourly action into some free bonuses. The clever player knows that he or she came to the casino to play and understands the amount of money that is going to be spent in one gambling session. Why not get some free stuff after or during this session?

Apart from the player card a lot of casinos offer free stuff such as free drinks, free meals and show tickets. Conditions may change the comps’ policy is not going to disappear, so take an advantage of it.

free casino stuff

Man, you have got to relax!

Psychologists proved long ago that changing activities from time to time may only bring a healthy profit in any sense of this word. Remember that the real goal of coming to casinos shouldn’t be connected with money winnings. Dreaming of winning a fortune and begging God for it are highly likely to bring you a huge disappointment. You must know that the only reason for coming to a casino is to entertain yourself and spend time with great pleasure. Gambling is not your business or something which has to be taken seriously. It’s more like a hobby. Of course, it’s a hobby that presupposes some thinking and strategy but doesn’t fish requires the same attitude?

Evidently, you simply can’t entertain yourself with the same action for many hours nonstop. A good thing to do is not only to switch to different gambling games but to work out a habit of a complete change of events. Blackjack feels like routine, know it’s time you go to the bar. Drank one bottle of beer but still don’t feel like going to the next slot machine, buy a ticket to a show, and spent a couple of hours watching something interesting. This is the only way to be in a good mood which is a key habit for being a winner and not a pity loser.

The word “budget” was created by the British. They didn’t mention you can’t use it

Concerning strategy, we may say that except for not being in a constant hurry you must remember that you are no billionaire. Consequently, we think it would be a good idea to work out some daily budget. It means that when you go to a casino you have a specific sum of money to spend there. It must include gambling, bars, shows, etc. Casinos pray you to go completely coo-coo and spend all your salary there at the same time borrowing money from all your relatives and friends. But let’s be honest, it’s pretty obvious that it is a 100% way of a real loser. Mind your money. Count them and try to take off these pink glasses that make you think you are immortal and the super-rich. Not having this habit may easily lead to gambling addiction, the thing you don’t want to get.

It’s just wrong picking

One more important thing is to choose what you really like. If we consider gambling to be our hobby and a fun time we must get satisfaction while we are in a casino. So apart from looking for the information of a probable house edge and other details you should try to understand what brings you joy and pleasure. Gambling definitely shouldn’t be torture when you play a game you hate only because you have more opportunities to win a hundred bucks.

Choosing the right place to gamble is also vitally important. Your favorite casino must provide you with everything you need in sense of experience. The atmosphere, the people, and the slot machines – basically everything must meet your requests. Choose carefully and don’t be afraid to leave if you feel like it. Your inner condition is the central aspect of your winning possibility.


In the end, we want to assure you that any experienced player would tell you that gambling is inseparably connected with losing. But there are different types of losses. Losing a battle is not the same as losing the whole war. If you follow our advice your gambling session will definitely bring you more joy, luck and winnings.

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