Experienced players know that having a strategy while gambling may not solve all the problems, but it most certainly allows players to control some processes. Gambling strategies have crucial importance in the gambling sphere, so be focused and try to absorb all the information given here.

The main aspect of any gambling game is the aspect of unknown. Because of that, any possible strategy may fail, so it’s something that we should keep in our heads while gambling. The very basis of casino games is expressed in their random probability. Literally, no one knows what is going to happen next without the game being played. Whether it’s poker or something else, there is no such person who can predict upcoming turns of events.

Nevertheless, a lot of gamblers feel much more confident and calm when they “control” some of the processes in a gambling session. This habit is one of the biggest illusions experienced players might face. But fortunately, there are some astonishing techniques which may be used in order to get you out of your imaginary comfort zone and help you to see the whole picture, which will definitely influence your chances of winning.

To tell the truth, gambling would be kind of dull and predictable if every person was supposed to play every game the same way. That’s why we present here a bunch of strategies that are completely based on risk. These strategies will make experts argue about their reliability and common players will be confused by their unusual features.

The main point of using these strategies is that it will give you a chance to change the whole turn of events while other players will have to keep on playing in their casual way. Remember that you won’t have any advantage over the casino, but nevertheless, you won’t be fed up by the gambling session completely.

Spanish 21 is a way to go

Blackjack is considered to be respected among players due to its gameplay mechanics. It lets players use their skills. Experienced gamblers will certainly tell you that blackjack provides players with a pleasant house edge. In reality, it so happens that blackjack isn’t the most suitable game in the sense of its generosity. What we mean is that blackjack is not the best representative of its type.

The majority of players now try to leave out single-deck games from their gambling perspectives because it only pays 6:5 chances. Most gamblers prefer playing the version with 6 to 8 decks in the shoe due to its decent 3:2 odds. Surprisingly, there is one more way to experience blackjack with a satisfying advantage over other players.

Spanish 21 is the best choice if you are a fan of blackjack games. Spanish 21 presupposes a couple of differences from casual blackjack, but the most obvious one is that Spanish 21 is played with only 48 cards. Basically, 10 point cards are removed and this simple fact decreases the odds of drawing ordinary 21.

The seeming bad side of Spanish 21 is that the house edge is hypothetically 3-4% compared to 1% in common blackjack. But don’t panic. Spanish 21 contains some pleasing surprises, which are represented by very profitable rewards. The essential advantage of Spanish 21 is that players win in the case of 21 to 21 when a dealer has a blackjack.

One more useful feature is that you can split the Aces. And even though being dealt four Aces is a doubt to happen, once it does, you will be able to split them again. One more controversial question concerning Spanish 21 is the question of the house edge. We are firmly sure that this question is given too much thought. The house edge may be revealed only after a number of bets. It means that everything may turn out well for you, whereas next time, a gambling session would look like a complete disaster. We claim that this aspect of gambling is actually good in general as it allows players to win a fortune.

We claim that it’s much more useful to take into consideration the flexibility and rewards, which you get when gambling Spanish 21. It may take you out of your zone of comfort, but you will definitely be astonished once you get paid much better odds for some unobvious combination that has never even existed in blackjack. It may easily happen so that you will play blackjack never again.

A tournament is a practical option

The next strategy is kind of common and a lot of people are aware of the fact of its existence. Experienced players often advise newcomers to play in tournaments at a certain period of time. It is so due to tournaments’ gameplay logic. In order to play in a tournament, a player has to pay a flat fee which usually is much less than the whole prize, which makes it really profitable. In addition to that we must add that there are such tournaments that reward players for the 2nd and 3rd places.

The biggest advantage of playing in a tournament is that it may easily become a predictable experience where you can control a wager. Of course, no one tells you to play in tournaments always. Generally speaking, playing in tournaments is one of the options for a practical way of gambling.

Duel is quite a profitable matter

What casinos really don’t enjoy it when you play with a dealer one on one. The whole idea of gambling at the table is that the dealer has a few players at one time. The main thing is that the volatility of cards decreases once you are alone at the table, which evidently puts you in a good position. The casino may do something about it quite fast. Don’t be surprised when after some manipulations with other tables, other players join in your lucky blackjack game.

But what does it depend on? Why is it important to have more than one player at the table? The answer is pretty obvious. The possibility of getting a high card is much higher when you play alone. Being one on one with a dealer makes your game even. Agree that such a situation doesn’t suit the casino’s purposes.

Roulette for smart gamblers

Experienced gamblers have a habit of underestimating roulette due to its high-risk bets. And it is a decent reason to do so. The majority of bets in roulette are numbers and players usually think of roulette as a game where you have to use only these options. We should admit that playing roulette betting on numbers or lines may not bring you any luck as the chances are simply terrible.

But apart from playing numbers and lines, every player has an opportunity to play colours and even or odd numbers. Also, keep in mind bets connected with the 1/3 categories. Using these bets apparently increases your chances and turns a roulette session into a more pleasant and safe experience.

Increase the odds of winning by gambling two groups. You decrease the chances to even payout when you act like this, but the coverage certainly becomes better. 24 compared to 18 is a good change in tactics.

Slot machines and max lines are inseparable

Slot machines have been developing since their appearance long ago. Game developers are constantly adding new features and screens to the machines to manage more pay lines. It was so that earlier, these slot machines used to let you level up or down the number of pay lines. It could have seemed like a really nice attitude towards players who couldn’t manage high bets, but in practice, it happened so that in such cases players’ payouts were radically reduced.

So basically speaking, if you play 1 out of 32 active lines, we honestly doubt you will win anything. Remember that this sort of game is completely different from a single pay line slot machine. It turns out that players who try to save their money by leveling down the number of lines simply waste it. The logic is pretty simple. The best profit may be obtained only by applying all the pay lines and it is an indisputable rule.

Slot machines shouldn’t be your favorite type of gambling but the plurality of people still plays them so it’s highly unlikely  you won’t try it too. Our advice is to choose slot games with fixed pay lines that can’t be turned off or changed and simply enjoy a slow and relaxing gambling experience which at some point won’t be that different from table games.

Out of the blue – Keno is the best choice

Keno is a game which is highly unpopular among experienced players. So how may it happen so that Keno becomes a good choice for gambling? We have got to admit that Keno shouldn’t be your regular gambling choice. In order to understand Keno’s advantages, we have got to take a close look at the possibilities on the lower pick options.

Foremost, we must figure out the best and the worst turns of events or, in other words, a gambling plot. Usually, Keno lets players choose 2 or up to 10 numbers. The main rule is that your chances of winning directly depend on the number of numbers you pick. The more, the worse. But at the same time payoff chances increase when the quantity of played numbers is bigger. This type of winning is very obscure but very attractive for inexperienced players. They always choose it instead of choosing less big but more reachable wins.

One of the main gambling strategies which usually come from experienced players is to slow down your speed of play. It’s clear that the option of slowing down is impossible in the case of table games because it’s the dealer who manages the action. It also becomes boring during slot machine gambling sessions because a player has simply had to press the spin button fewer times per minute. Keno is the best choice when it comes to slowing down. Lay down $20 on a couple of Keno cards with pick 5 or 6 numbers and enjoy yourself. Take your time, go to the bar or get a meal. You must understand that in such a case, you are still playing, but the risk is very low. The outcome may not be very huge; it approximately will be equal to a couple of rounds on the casino’s slot machine. But think positively. Gambling is all about a fun time.


We hope you got the main idea of the article. When it comes to gambling, strategy is something that has a very vague meaning. It’s more like a make-believe story than a real strategy which works like a clock. Understanding this concept is a crucial point of the whole gambling philosophy. That’s why we tried to choose the most extraordinary gambling strategies. They may not help to win $20 million, but they will definitely help you to get out of a trap of your own illusionary thinking. To tell the truth, it happens more often than people think and many unlucky gamblers become victims of their own disastrous ways of thinking.

One more important advice is to remember that gambling is not a way of earning money. You must consider it as a way to relax and entertain yourself. Don’t hesitate to risk and change your gambling attitude. Don’t panic and most importantly, don’t make up huge plans. Once you are in a casino, be ready to lose all money you brought along. But think of this as pleasant spending and not as a harmful loss. If you have the last $300 it’s certainly a bad idea to go and try your luck in a casino. Statistics show that this type of gamblers is people who turn gambling businesses into a very profitable one. So take control over your actions and think big. Don’t let casinos take you in by letting you create some strategies or tactics which are simply imaginary and subjective schemes. 

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